Gorillas in the Mist

In the first hour of this movie I was thinking of ways to approach my review. I could use a historical approach, starting with how I’d first seen ads for this movie in comic books when I was seven or eight and always been kind of curious; there could be a more technical review based on factors like the terrible 80’s-ness of the score; another possible review would be based on how this bio-pic about gorilla researcher Dian Fossey was similar and dissimilar to other bio-pics; how there were a lot more gorillas and mists in this movie than there was blood or monkeys in Bloodmonkey.

But at some point in the early part of the second hour a bee flew into my open window, and it’s buzzing disturbed me because I really don’t like bees. And then the noise of the bee woke the cat up from under the blanket and she immediately began to stalk our flying intruder. I told the cat “don’t swat at that” as sternly as I could because I did not want to have to take her to a vet in case she got stung, but she wouldn’t listen to me and kept harassing it. I ended up having to throw her out of the window into the yard, but getting the bee to go back outside was not nearly so easy because I didn’t want to pick it up and it was too dumb to work an open window.

Now, normally such an isolated incident would not factor into my write-up because it wouldn’t have anything helpful to offer to a reader who isn’t likely to have a comparable experience. But it did drive home how much I am not a fan of nature when it is acting naturally while I was watching a movie about preservationism, and that made it really hard for the movie’s message to really sink in. It was definitely a case where the circumstances around how I watched the movie changed how I felt about it.


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